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Wally Allan
Song list Streets
Song list Santayana
Song list Rant
Song list Cottonfields
Song list Boxer

Wally Allan

Acoustic Guitar & Voice

The Traditional Music and Humour

Of Scotland, Ireland and USA

And more


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About Wally



Wally Allan is one of Edinburghs best known folk-singers, having played pubs, clubs, concerts and festivals for over twenty-five years.


Wally has recorded both with bands and in solo capacity, has done Radio and T.V. work both at home and in Europe and Australia and still tours every year in Europe and the U.S.A., where he is    a popular figure with Caledonian Societies and also on the College circuit.


The music is a mixture of the traditional and contemporary folk-songs of Scotland, Ireland and the U.S.A., with the set being tailored according to the occasion from the song-list enclosed. It is delivered with acoustic guitar and voice (sorry, no pre-recorded backing tapes, samples or special effects!) and a liberal sprinkling of humorous observations, and has proved popular in gatherings ranging from small private parties to massive outdoor folk-festival crowds. 


Wally Allan plays and recommends Taylor quality guitars



Wally Allan
picture of Wally playing his guitar
Wally performing his songs

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